Oh it's been a long long time since I did a Friday Mishmash post... the last one was in July and it was a good one! Maybe unconsciously I was worried I couldn't top that one- well I'm over it!

March 1st might means spring for some- not us Montrealers, March can be brutal and in my case the most depressing, you'll see me jumping up and down April 1st! Ok, I'll stop being such a downer, I know spring is just around the corner and when I think of spring I think dresses. I love the spring and summer months because we can finally wear our dresses again!

So today, my friday list is dedicated to wonderful world of dresses... some handmade, some you should make, some to inspire you and some I'd love to buy!

The origami style dress you see above is incredibly amazing! When I saw this on Mari's Blog Small for Big, my head started spinning- the details, the add ons, the colors, the styling... I will say no more, find out all about it here.

I wish I was invited to this Birthday party! I might just have to "copy" this dress, love the stitched detail way too much!

And how cute is this fabric for a dress- It works so well!

I am totally obsessed with this dress, I wonder if they ship to Canada?
Actually I have a love for donkeys these days... you should check out this Pinterest board of mine!

And  love every dress this french company makes. Miss E has a lovely black one I bought second-hand and I can't wait for her to wear again.

I've got my eye on a few dresses in this Etsy shop...

I think I need a bigger budget for dresses! How about you? Do you love dresses or are you more about shorts and t-shirts in the summer months? I probably spend the most on dresses and tunics for Miss E- probably because she can wear them the longest- from dress to tunic to top!

In case you missed it I'm collaborating with J.Crew on their kids "The small stuff" Pinterest board.

I also blog every Monday on the Sweet and Sour Blog, here are a few of my most recent posts: Yellow Mellow & Shops to Love on Etsy.

And as always I'm over at Babyccino, lately I've been talking about Montreal designers- it's all here.

Next Friday I'll be heading to NYC for Playtime- will any of you be there? If you see me- pleaaaase come say hello!!! Have a great weekend