I've been trying to get back into the groove of things here on the blog- since I got back from NYC. I've had a hard time concentrating and not much motivation to get to my computer and tell you about all the wonderful things I want to share. I can blame it on the weather or perhaps I have too much going on in my little head that I'm having a hard time focusing and organising my thoughts. So this post was supposed to go up last week and instead it's up this week!

I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful people I got to hang out with and chat with while in NYC. I thought it would give you some amazing people to discover over your long weekend...

So here is how I spent most of my time in NYC... you can also check out my Instagram for a few photos!!!

I got to NYC on friday afternoon, I was hoping to do some blogging and pinning on my 9 hour bus ride, but the wifi was intermitten and driving me crazy- so instead I made pompoms (15 I think) and 6 ended up on 2 necklaces I made for my Cousisn's daughters who I spent that afternoon with. It was nice catching up with my cousin- felt a lot ike when we were younger... miss those days.

1- On saturday I took it real easy, I had lunch with Andrea who introduced me to Jolyne. Man was the grill cheese yummy. I think Andrea is one of my first bloggy friends and I would have never thought a year ago that we would have met in NYC. It was too short of a lunch and I would have loved to chill a while longer- I guess I'll have to go to Glasgow then!

2- I ended up spending the afternoon with Jolyne who I felt like I knew forever. We shopped, talked and laughed. You must check out her shop- it is simply awesome! All the stuff I like, handmade, modern and vintage in one stop.

3- I just had to stop into this shop and got some toys for kids, a sweater for my husband and notebook (so I can get organised) for me. Now why haven't they opened up shop here yet!

4- That evening I went to the Petite Parade Fashion Show to watch the Diesel fall collection. I ended up seeing more heads than anything but I did get a glimpse of June Ambrose and her super duper cool kids June and Chance. I then rushed over to Playtime to meet up with Marie-Laure which you might remember from the DIY posts she did for us this winter. We had a lovely evening and the best vietnamese food in China Town. I'm pretty sure if we lived in the same city we would see lot's of each other! You have got to check out her new blog- it's all about DIY's project, each new one is the cuter than last!!!

I spent all of sunday with the Babyccino girls Courtney and Esther and the cutest babies checking out and chatting with all the amazing designers. You can see my round-up here.

5- Monday morning was spent with Marie-Laure and Sandrine at playtime. It was really nice getting to know Sandrine better and finally meeting her. I love her work and her blog too- this is one you'll want to bookmark.

6- I spent the afternoon walking around Soho to check out a few stores. I had not realized Sweet William had a shop in Manhatten and was really excited to have a look. I was bummed out when they didn't have any Bobo Choses left in Miss E size but found some other goodies I'll be sharing with you next week. I also ended up at a trunk show where I met with some fabulous designers- Jennifer that you know from this weeks Show & Tell post. And finally I ended up at the Crewcuts offices where I met with the designers and had a really lovely chat. Did you see their cute new video yet?

7- Tuesday was spent at ENK and I discovered yet some more brands, all of which I'll be sharing in the next few months. Yes that many!!! Or perhaps I should strart blogging twice daily. It was really nice chatting with the Anais and I ladies and so many more...

8- I almost went to ENK only to get to meet Anabel- she is as sweet as they get. It's one thing seeing all these beautiful collections and items on the web and then an other when you get to actually touch and feel them. Fournier is one of these collections where it's so much more amazing in person!

Then I headed home with my head full of ideas and inspiration, a heart filled with lots love and new friendships. It was a long 9 hour bus ride, I got home at 4 am and was woken up at 6am by the happiest kids in the world!

Have a wonderful weekend!