This summer you might want to mix some minty greens and teal together, add a pop of yellow some tangerine and coral while you are at it!
These colors work well together- great for a girls wardrobe and boys too. They make for great bedroom decor as well.
You can even add in some of that grey I talked about last week or keep it crisp and clean with some white.
Don't be afraid to wear the same color in different tones.
All in all the idea is to have fun!

Photo Inspiration:

- The jumpsuit and sun brooches is from this really amazing Australian brand called UDDER. Not only is the clothing cool, the styling and photos are fantastic. There are some really great boy items...

- What a lovely collection of globes- apparently it's growing! Via VEE on Flickr

- Love these little handmade wooden houses. I wouldn't mind a little collection myself! Via Old New Again.

- There's something about this photo... besides the amazing colors and composition. I can't tell if it's a boy or girl, is he/she swimming or perhaps a gymnast? So many questions! By 唯以 via Flickr 

- I love the illustration, pattern and colors here too. By にじゆら via Sumally (I can't quite understand who or what it is excatly!)

- How cute are the gingham pillows with different colored pompoms? By Morning Dove Studios.

- Finally I can't find the source to this wonderful Circus Sign photo. The best I could find is that it came from here.

I hope this puts a little sunshine and spring mood to your day- I am counting down the days to April!