"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Miss E: she kept those swimming goggles close to her all day- she took a nap with them, here a bath and now she is sleeping with them. The kids have packed their bags for our summer vacation already- I tried to explain we were only leaving in 4 months! 

Mister M: loves his piano. He was so proud of himself today, he figured out how to play the Moonrise Kingdom theme song all on his own. 

I wish I had time to check out everyone's photos, I promised myself to take time and look at some of the links- unfortunately I didn't get around to it. I figured if I wrote and promised I would this week, then I would have to keep my promise! I promise. 

To my readers you can check out everyone who is participating too and come and join in the fun! If you do please let me know. 

A great initiative by Jodi from Ché & Fidel.