Did you read the first post I did over at the Sweet and Sour Blog? Basically, I blurted out a little something about myself and then in relation to that I featured a kids clothing line. I got lots of great feeback from that post and I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate it to this blog- I think I found it!

So, as of today and every wednesday from now on there will be a new little feature called Show & Tell. Ummm how interesting, it also happens to be show and tell at my kids daycare on wednesdays!

So it goes a little something like this...

Do you know I am huge VINTAGE fan? I love vintage anything! I guess it's in my blood... I grew up shopping in thrift stores, wearing hand me downs and even upcycled clothes made by my mom- can you beleive I still have two of those baby dresses and Miss E wore them when she was little. I love garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and even a little "garbage picking". I spend hours at a time looking trough the Etsy vintage shops, and I get such a thrill when I find something I love. It might come to no surprise then,  that the first childrens line I ever ceated was from recycled fabrics and today I am often attracted by kids clothing that is vintage or inspired by styles from the past. Don't you just love it when new meets old?

Home Spun Vintage is about all that! Corrie and Kathlene are two second-hand vintage loving moms who have started not one but two clothing lines, the first is made from reworked vintage kid's clothes and the other was created to complement the first, all inspired by the yesteryears.

I can't tell how much I love their new Spring-Summer collection. Oh those colors! So gorgeous. The pinks and turquoise are lovely, mixed in with the navy- just perfect! This collection is inspired by the seaside carnivals of the 50's and 60's.
I am truly head over heels about the boy selection. It's always such a challenge to find good boy clothes, that are funky yet wearable. The diagonale stripes are so much fun and that denim jacket is too cute. What can I say about the girls- peter pan collars are must in any girls wardrobe, navy gingham is one of my favorites and how awesome is that colorful plaid.

L-O-V-E it all.

Get this, Home Spun Vintage is having a Valentine's Day Sale in their vintage shop- get 30% off everything in the store by entering HEARTS30 as the coupon code.