It's school picture day at the daycare today, for both Miss E and Mister M.
Every year I get an email telling me way in advance what those days will be and every year I think to myself "I will be prepared" and then every year I scramble to put something together the night before. I always seem to be looking for things, sewing on buttons, washing off a stain and hoping it will dry on time- that sort of stuff.
Last year was particularly stressful- the long sleeve t- shirt I needed for Miss E was covered in yogurt and waiting to be washed. Honestly, how could I forget to do the laundry that week? She ended up wearing something completely different then what I had planned- bummer.

Is picture day a big deal in your home? Do you buy a new outfit or go out of your way to put something together?
I do put an effort into it, even if it's the night before. I usually have an idea of what the kids will wear in advance, but sometimes things don't go as planned. I do like the kids to be wearing something a little dressy, as if they were going out to a nice restaurant or a birthday party. But then again I like to dress my kids up.
This year I knew what Miss E would be wearing. Over the holidays we received the most lovely package in the mail from my friend Marie-Laure of Le Carrousel. In that package was a dress, a beret, some stickers and 2 lollipops. Oh, you should have seen my face! And the kids faces when those lollipops fell out of the envelope!!!
The dress was perfect, perfect for every occasion- specially School Picture Day.

As much as Miss E loves her beret - she thinks she is Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom, she isn't wearing that today. But instead a cute barrette from Hello Shiso, which I couldn't find and took me 30min to remember where I had to put it. And of course, her pink toe cap shoes from the All for Children collection at H&M.

She was very excited to show off her outfit to her class mates this morning.

As for Mister M, he is wearing some hand-me-down skinny jeans from Gap and a button down shirt from Zara, which I probably should have ironed! But who has time for that... Maybe next year!

Oh and tell me I'm not the only one who makes their kids practice their smiles. We do it in good fun- it cracks me up to see those fake smiles!
Not so much when I get the pictures in the mail though...