Today's Project Run & Play sew along theme is the Men's Shirt Refashion. 

As much as I wanted to sew up something new and  I did cut out all the pieces, I just didn't get a chance to sew it up- I will try to have that done by the end of the day.

I also had another project- that has been in my fix up pile for months and it was to resize and adjust the first refashioned men's shirt I had done 8 years ago! So today I refashioned a refashioned dress... 

The proportions of the first dress I made were really off. For this dress to fit miss E properly, I had to make the top part shorter and widen it too. So I pretty much unstitched parts of the original dress and then with that fabric, I added it to the center back for more ease. I also removed an invisible zipper that was on the side of the dress and put in a new on at the back.

This dress used up all the fabric from the original men's shirt, all that was left over was the collar and the cuffs. I made uneven pleats at the front, cut my fabric in all the directions, used the sleeve for the back panel and even made a ruffle detail at the hem. I had lot's of time and was ambitious back then!!! I also added some gros- grain ribbon for the straps and at the waistline for a pop of color. 

Since it's -20 degrees here in Montreal these days, I though Miss E could still wear her new dress and paired it with a denim shirt. She loves it!