If you follow me on my Tumblr- Least Little Thing, then maybe you have noticed I like to color coordinate my posts and create a mood. Here's a little secret, out of everything I do on the world wide web Tumblr is my favorite- I feel like it's my most creative platform and truly represents me and what goes on in my head. Since I love it so much, I thought it would be nice to bring some of it to Petit a Petit- a collage of image that inspire and make me happy.

Today, the photo of May Xiong's sister has gotten me mezmerized- i just love everything about it starting with the colors, the stare, the beauty.
Oh and that green! How perfect when matched with a lighter green, coral, yellow and indigo- don't you find? A perfect color combination for this summers wardrobe or a kids bedroom. 

-images source-
The vintage cloud chair is by Yrjö Kukkapuro via Varpunen.
The flower and Butterfly illustration is by Montreal artist Olivia Mew.
The green cupboard via Soderbergagentur.
The applique house skirt is by Mini Boden ( past season).
The embroidered illutration is by Jazmin Berakhah.