If you thought stripes were so last year- think again! Stripes are still going strong and a hot trend for kids clothing this summer. Horizontal or vertical, thin or thick, stitched or painted, which ever way you like them wear them.

Not sure about black and grey as a summer color- what are you talking about? Black and all shades of grey are key colors for your kids wardrobe this summer- or any time of the year really. You'll have no problem finding items in this color scheme for your little ones, I promise.

Here are the links to the inspiring images...

The cool kid in the striped t-shirt is from Quirky Collective- check their shop and blog, it's one my favorites.

The young girl in the stripe tank top is photographed by Laura Burlton and part of a lovely project called Chalk Dreams- a must see and so is the rest of her portfolio.

Everything has beauty- sure does! via Michael Ryan.

DIY how to cut your toddlers bangs- I have got to try this technic. Photo by Sherman/Three Lions/Getty Images circa 1950's, source via BBC.

Striped long sleeve t-shirt with pleated collar- Miss E is the lucky owner of this Cos t-shirt. It's even prettier on!

Lovely Striped photo by Alexey Menshchikov- you must see this portofolio, it's all about shade and shadows, lines and patterns. Simply awesome!