Snow White Outfitted

I mentioned yesterday that it was my 2 year blogging anniversary and I thought it would be nice to reflect on the past year. I have a lot on my mind and I will try to make sense of all of it here!

What a year it's been-  almost 200 posts this year only ( I even started a sewing blog), over 500 Fb, 750 Twitter, nearly 3 million Pinterest, 750 Tumblr and 225 Instagram followers. WOWOWOW! You guys, you rock my world.
I get such mixed feelings with blogging- somedays feel very lonely, but then I see all these numbers and think how lucky I am to have all of you.

Coup De Coeur no.15 
I started blogging because my friends and sometimes strangers would ask me where I got my kids clothes or how come I knew about this and that- I thought it would be nice to share the info. I also started blogging because I missed the days when I had my children's clothing store, I would do all this research to find out what I wanted to stock and to discover the next big thing- blogging gives me the opportunity to keep on doing that without all the problems that are associated with having a store. The last reason I started blogging is that I knew I was going to be starting a new full time job- not related to kids fashion and this was my way of keeping on doing what I love, my passion alive.


Today I blog for all of the same reasons- but for so much more. Believe it or not- I'm a pretty lazy person or should I say a procrastinator and without deadlines or pressure I don't work to well. So blogging gives me those deadlines and that pressure I need. I do more for and with my kids, I do more for myself and push myself to be better and more creative- things that I probably would have never done without blogging. I'm not a competitive person, never have been- only with myself and I get that drive I need here!

Cristallines + Milk Magazine

And then blogging has brought me so many great opportunities- meeting amazing people from around the world, making new friends which I hope to hug one day. Making connections I would have never thought possible. Making some dreams come true. Changing my life, my vision, my goals, my dreams.

So I want to thank YOU for passing by once, once a week, once a day or everyday. You make me a better person and that is priceless.

Coup de Coeur no.2

There are a few people I'd like to thank only because they have made this a particularly special year... Courtney of Babyccino and Rachelle of La Petite Magazine- you have trusted me to be part of your team and I am for ever grateful.

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La Petite Magazine

Angela of Novalee and Melanie of Sweet & Sour for giving me the opportunity to start this year with lots to look forward to.

And so many more that have shared my stories or given me the opportunity to guest post and share my vision. Thank you!


All the images in this post are from your favorite posts. Of course the DIY's are always a big hit and to my surprise whenever I make or sew something up for kids is a big hit too. I'm always looking to improve- so if you have an idea or something you particularly like and would like to see more of, I am listening.

So what's in store for the next year? More of the same, but better! Here's to 365 more days of  blog posts.