Every year for Christmas I make some handmade gifts, usually I end up trying a craft new to me and scramble to make it the night before. This year was no exption, 2 days before the 24th, I decided I would finally sew up the waldorf

doll kit

I had purchased for Miss E almost 2 years ago. I have been so nervous sewing up this doll, that it has taken me 2 years to build up the courage to go at it. Of course, this was intended to be a surprise and so I sewed two night in a row while the kids were sleeping and 10 hours later came up with this little- not so little doll.

I bought the

doll kit


Weir Crafts

, it comes with everything you need, some great instructions and even some clothing patterns. She stands 20 inches tall, allmost as tall as Miss E, and as of now has 2 full outfits in her wardrobe.

Perhaps you noticed that her

polka dot blouse

is practically the same as the one I sewed up for Miss E for


. I even trying a little smocking at 2 am! I had so much fun making the little clothes, I'm pretty sure her wardrobe will grow quickly...

I only wish my embroidery skills were a little better, I think her eyes could be bigger and a little closer to her nose. I might try and re-do them, but I'm afarid of ruining the whole thing. Or maybe I could just make another or two or three! Yup, I'm totally hooked.

Miss E LOVED her so much, the reaction she had when she opened her gift was priceless and well worth the sleepless nights- I couldn't help but cry.