So I did get around to sewing a little something last night for the Project Run and Play challenge of creating a Polka Dot and Stripe Outfit. I just couldn't resist, stripes and polka dots, two of my favorite prints and just the best when combined together. Since I only found out about this last weekend, I didn't have much time to prepare, but thank goodness I had all I needed at home to complete my outfit!

It's kind of cool to see what you can do with some thrifted curtains and a a thrifted tank top! The tunic/ dress is made from that curtain and the short from a womans tank top. Curtains are the best when it come to upcycling- lots and lots of fabric to play with. This one is white with fine blue stripes. I was going to make a blazer for Mister M with it originally- like 2 years ago... No worries, there is a second panel!

And what little girl doesn't need biker shorts? I wanted to make some last summer and didn't get around to it. These are perfect for wearing with dresses and tunics in the summer time- the slides at the park can get pretty hot and my daughter would always complain when she wore a skirt or dress. You know I'l be making loads more of these, they are really hard to find in stores. These are pretty much like leggings, but shorter and I added a cuff at the hemline.

I took these photos real quick this morning... Miss E wanted to wear the outfit to school, but it's -24! She said she could wear the shorts over some tights...
I'm sure we'll figure a way to wear this before the summer comes around!

I didn't use a particular pattern, I just cut up a rectangle and created the neckline. For the sleeves, those are rectangles too, folded over. And on the front I appliqued a circle ( a big dot!) in the same fabric- I added some fusing since the fabric is a little see through and to give it a good shape. 

To give the dress some shape and a cute silhouette, I stitched an elastic- starting a little at the front and all arround. I used some bias for the neckline and covered a large button with the polka dot fabric- for a little reminder. The button is a little big- it's all I could find at midnight last night.

The next challenge is an upcycled Mens shirt- You know I'll be doing that one too! The first thing I ever created for my first kids collection was an upcycled dress from a mens shirt. I think I'll re-create it for Miss E...