It's week 3 of Project Run and Play and I had so much fun crunching out an outfit for Miss E last week, I knew I had to participate again this week. I got all mixed up with the order of the themes- OMG this week I was to create a Boy Outfit and not what I thought was the upcycled men's shirt challenge!

As usual, I'm a last minute kinda girl! I started this on wednesday and finished sewing last night- took the pictures this morning... Yikes!

Sewing for boys is always a bigger challenge for me. When it comes to sewing for girls, the possibilities are endless, as for little boys- you need to find the right balance. Maybe it all depends on were you live in the world! I think I'm a lot more European in my boy style, than Canadian or American. Needless to say, I do love to sew for my Mister M- I love the challenge, it always requires me to think a little more and pushes me further...

This week, I wanted to make an outfit that would be, I guess, dressy casual! Something he can wear to birthday parties or out for dinner, but once you pulled the outfit apart it would be something he could wear any day of the week. Something a little hip and cool...

I knew I wanted to make some tuxedo style pants- I had bought the fabric before christmas and was hoping to make them then... The black fabric is a brushed cotton velveteen, the tuxedo stripes are simple gros-grain ribbon, which I sewed on to the front of the pant. I created some pockets and lined them with superhero printed fabric. Shhhh, it's our little secret! 

I have to say I'm a little jealous, I could use some hip tuxedo pants. 

The next thing I sewed up, was a Grandpa Cardigan. I also created a patch at work ( I have access to a fancy embroidery machine). I only used my overlock to sew this up- so quick and easy! The fabric is fleece on the inside and a knit on top. I found this at my local fabric store and thought it was cool. Originally I wanted to make Mister M some pants, but this turned out much better. 

Mister M is always wearing hoodies and refuses to wear sweaters, so I thought this was a nice compromise. I closed with snaps, so he could put it on and off all on his own.

Lastly I upcycled an old striped t-shirt of mine- I just re-sized it really. And the same goes with the hat- it's a thrifted hat I used to wear, but it's way cuter on Mister M.

So next time I'll try to sew a little more in advance, because having 10 minutes to take photos before we head over to daycare is not such a great idea... This is how it started off- someone wasn't in the mood. But at least he loves his outfit!

See you next week- hopefully!