So the Petit à Petit and family DIY adventure continues. In case you don't know, the month of December will be filled with DIY & Inspiration. To accompany me in this adventure Marie-Laure of

La Maison de Loulou

will be guest posting through out the month.  She has planned her DIY around a Christmas at The North Pole theme, you can see her first DIY


I on the other hand have chosen a different theme and it goes something like this: "Turn the Ordinary to Extraordinary". I'll be focusing more on gift ideas and things to wear over the holiday season. 

DIY #2 in this month of december... Make your own cool and funky shoe laces. 

Are you ready to take your regular shoes and make them spectacular with some fancy shoe laces!

What we need:

-Any type of ribbon. I used some lace, which is actually seam biding and you can find this at any store that sells sewing supplies. I also used some extra wide organza ribbon.

I don't recommend gros-grain or satin ribbon, as it has a tendency of getting untied easily, even with double knots!

-I used washi tape, but regular transparent scotch tape can do the trick.

-You need to keep your original shoe laces... for step1.

- And scissors of course.

I promise this is really pretty simple.

STEP 1: Cut your ribbon the length of your original shoe lace.

STEP 2: Cut a piece of tape, the length of your ribbon + about 3cm. Place the tape across top of the ribbon as pictured.

STEP 3: This is the tricky part! Fold you ribbon+tape like an accordion, getting it as small as possible.

STEP 4: Wrap the remaining tape around as tightly as possible. You might want to do a practice run, to get the hang of it.

Warning- if your ribbon is too thick, once you tape and roll it up, it might not go through the whole in your shoes. I made my son a pair and I just couldn't lace them. Bummer!

Step 5: Cut any extra ribbon, I even cut a little bit (2mm) of the tape to get nice sharp finish.

Repeat Step 1 to 5 for the second lace.

Step 6:  Lace up your shoes & Dance all night!

 These were so easy and cute, I ended up making a pair for me!

Don't be afraid to experiment with fun color combinations.

I had to make some pink ones for Miss E...

I even made some shoe laces in the Christmas spirit!

Have fun this year, make your holiday outfits a tad more extraordinary with some crazy cool shoe laces!!!