I got quite inspired by all the the North Pole madness on the blog these days! So much so, todays DIY is a 2 for 1! A little Dip Dye and little stenciling with some freezer paper. You'll make a white T-shirt go from basic to graphic! This might all sound complicated, but really they are fancy words with really basic and easy techniques...

So are you ready to make a white snowy scenery for a cute penguin to live on? 

STEP 1-  Grab your plain white T-Shirt. Grab some tape, any kind really we only need for a guideline. Now place your tape in a triangular shape, a mountain sort of. Next, wet and soak the top part of the t-shirt up until you hit the tape.

STEP 2- Grab a container or pot, large enough so that your t-shirt lies nice and flat in it. Fill it with about 10cm of boiling water. Mix in your dye. I used some Dylon in Bahama Blue. Don't forget to add the salt to your mixture, this will help set the color.

STEP 3- Turn your t-shirt upside down and dip it into your pot. Make sure the t-shirt is lying flat and that it's not all crumbled up. You'll get a smoother and uniform color this way. If you are worried the t-shirt will fall in, clip it to your pot with some clothes pin or use your tape to keep it in place. Leave it for 10 minutes.

STEP 4- Bring more of your t-shirt into the dye mix all the way up to the tip of your triangle ( now you see why you needed the tape!). You can remove the tape now, if it hasn't already fallen. Make sure Your T-shirt is still nice and flat. Use a spoon or mixing tool to press down any of the t-shirt that might be trying to sneak it's way up to the surface. Leave in the mixture for 5 minutes.

TIP*** If you would like a subtle ombre effect and continuous uniform gradient, I suggest dipping your t-shirt a little more in than what you need, just a few centimeters and pulling it back up to were you want your darker blue to be. You can see in photos 3 and 4 that there is some blue on the t-shirt that isn't dipped into the water.

STEP 5- I wanted to create a mountain like scenery- so here you will need to dip the sides of your t-shirt into your mixture, one side at a time. Just push the t-shirt in on a slant and with the help of your spoon  push some of the mixture onto the t-shirt. Once you've done that bring your t-shirt back into the position it was at Step 5 and let your tee sit in the mix for another 5-10 minutes. Or until you are satisfied with the color.

NOTE*** The color on the t-shirt will be a LOT LIGHTER once you rinse and dry it.

STEP 6- This is the trickiest part... Remove your t-shirt from your pot and rinse. Be CAREFUL and try not to have the blue part of the t-shirt touch the white, it will stain. The best way I found was to take my t-shirt and lay it flat into my sink with the white part hanging over the sink. I rinsed out as much as I could just the blue portion of my t-shirt, specially around the neckline. Rinse until your water becomes CLEAR. Add salt if you'd like or some vinegar straight onto the t-shirt, this will set the color into your t-shirt. --- Let it DRY.

Now we are ready for part 2: STENCILING with Freezer Paper. So easy, so much fun! If you don't have freezer paper, you could just use a sheet of acetate, that's how I used to stencil before I found some freezer paper.

STEP 1- Print out the


I've provided



STEP 2- Place your freezer Paper, with the shiny side down, over the penguin print out and trace the ouline.

STEP 3- With an exacto knife and preferably a cutting board under, cut out all the elements of the penguin. You need the small pieces too.

STEP 4- Place your penguin at the bottom of your t-shirt ( or where ever you might like him to be!).

TIP*** I put all of my cut out piece back together, like a puzzle and then remove the ones I didn

STEP 5- Iron your freezer paper in place, this take a few seconds to adhear.

STEP 6- Paint in your little penguin. I used black fabric paint by Pebeo and a stencil brush.

STEP 7- Let the paint dry, remove your freezer paper by peeling it of and don't forget to IRON your little penguin, this will help heat-set the paint.

*** you don't have freezer paper or fabric paint, no worries. Put the penguin under your t-shirt and trace him out with a black fabric pen or worse case a black sharpie. Now who doesn't have a black sharpie!

STEP 8- Wear proudly!

Let me know how yours turn out!!! More importantly, have fun!