Todays tutorial is another easy stamping technique, an other all over print that is simple to do with 3 steps. The kids could totally help with this one too, well the older kids! 

How this all got started... I bought these plain sweatpants at H&M and I knew I wanted to make them fun with an all over print, for weeks I wondered what I would do... I thought geometric shapes, I thought of putting boats or trucks. I was trying to find something my son liked without it being to intricate nor girly. Then I started to think of all the things he liked and the legos came to mind... he spends hours playing with his legos- PERFECT! 

So today I bring you- The Lego Stamp tutorial...

What you need: 

- 2 legos preferably the same size

- Some Sweatpants or anything you want.... dish towels, a scarf, a t-shirt, a pillow case etc...

- Fabric Paint ( I used Pebeo metallic black)

- Paint brush ( I used a stenciling sponge) 

- Iron to heat set your paint, if needed

STEP1: stack 2 legos one on top of the other.

STEP2: Apply some paint to the bottom of your lego.

STEP3: Stamp the front and let it dry... Stamp the back and let it dry.

STEP4: Iron if your paint fabric requires it.

There you go! All done...

Now Miss E loves her legos too, so she got some lego leggings of her own!

I'll be surprising the kids with these, so no photos of the kids wearing them- Sorry.