Oh, so much to share! First, I wanted to let you know I'm over at

Elegance & Elephants

today, participating in the

Knock-Off series

and I'm showing you how to make this Bear Face Hoodie in the photo up top. Go check out what the original looked like and you can even make your own with the tutorial.

Now it goes without saying, my son had to have his own bear hoodie. So luckily the


I took my Bear Face Hoodie idea from also had a slightly different version. And Mister M politely requested his bear be black...

So I'll be sharing a tutorial on how to make this simple bear appliqué sweatshirt with you today. However, I won't be providing any patterns for the sweatshirt itself, but I've prepared everything for the appliqué face and ears.

- The first thing I did was draft a pattern from an existing sweatshirt.


- Then I grabbed my front bodice pattern and figured out the proportions for my appliqué face and ears (1st two photos above). I trace a line across the chest approximately 4cm from the lower armhole. And drafted my ears about 6cm from the armhole curve.

- You can print out all the appliqué pattern pieces from a PDF file I provide


. (PHOTO 5)

- Cut those out and place them on your front pattern piece. Place the outer ear along the line you drafted  across  the chest at approximately 6cm from your armhole. Create two notches on either side of the ears for easy placement later.


- Now cut your pattern across the chest. Your front pattern piece is now 2 pieces.


- Cut your 2 front pattern pieces. DO NOT forget to add 1 cm on both front pattern pieces photos .


-Cut out the remainder of the pattern pieces.

I used grey sweatshirt material for the main sweatshirt. Black sweatshirt for the main face, as well as for the outer ears. Then I cut the inner ears and cheeks in dark grey. The eyes and nose in brown leather (felt or fleece, sweatshirt or t-shirt material could work), I reused the grey sweatshirt material for the snout and some white for the inner eyes.


- Now we can pin in place the outer ears ( use your notches as guides), the snout and the cheeks. I glued the leather pieces with a regular glue stick.

- Sew all around your appliqué pieces at 2-3mm form the edge.


- Pin the remaining pieces: the inner ears and the inner eyes. I glued the nose on.

- Sew all around your appliqué pieces at 2-3mm form the edge.

*** I used brown thread for all my appliqué, except I used white for the inner eyes.


- Embroider the details of the bears mouth. I used some brown embroidery thread and a chain stitch.

- Sew the top and bottom front pattern pieces together.

- Sew the remainder of your sweatshirt as you normally would.

- Wear proudly!

If you have any questions, please let me know I'll gladly help you along the way...