As you all probably already know, Bobo Choses is one of my favorites childrens brand. Every season they come up with the most delightfull collections full of creativity, fun details and lot's of humour. My favorite piece of clothing this season, from all the clothing out there, has to be the Bobo Choses Ls Square dress (the blue one in the collage), I dream of getting this little dress for my Little Miss E- with any luck I might find it on sale and treat myself... yes myself!

Now for the good news, Bobo Choses has a few of their items available in adults sizes. This is a dream come true! Not only will you find the dresses and sweaters in your size, but even some of the shoes and accessories.

I don't know about you, I'm not usually a fan of matching outfits for mother- daughters, but when the clothing is this amazing, I say heck yes! Well maybe same dress, different colors...
So you can now dress like your daughter... I know mine has a wayyyy nicer wardrobe than mine!

Check out the Bobo Choses online store for the full collection. If  an item you like is sold out check out Lojo Dada (my favorite dress is already on special there!) or Poppy's Closet or Thumbeline and LFG, they always have a great selection.

Oh and I'd love to know what you think of mother-daughter outfits? Yes-No-Maybe?