There are people you meet and you just instantly click with, well I feel just that way with Sandrine. We've been following each other on Pinterest and we've just recently been chatting via email.  I think it's no surprise we "clicked", we seem to like a lot of the same things and have similar dreams! Although, her dream of living in New York has become a reality and I'm still too chicken!!!

So today, I wanted to share with you the lovely world of  Sandrine D'Andrea, because there is a lot to explore and I couldn't keep it all to myself any longer.

First, a little about her, she is a mom, a maker, a blogger who once lived in France and is now living in New York, she has lot's of talent, a great eye and amazing taste.

Around the web...
Sandrine is the creative force behind Twiggy and Lou, a really sweet little Etsy shop filled with simple yet distinct decorative elements. I just love the star garland, add a little sparkle to your kids room or any room for that matter. Not only are her creations delightful, her packaging is just as lovely; I would have a hard time taking mine apart! If you are looking for some Christmas decorations, she has some lovely stars to hang on the tree or around the house. I wish we had a tree to decorate!!!

Next, you'll definitely want to take a look at her blog. It is filled with lot's of great find and decorative inspirations as well as her creative process. I look forward to every new post... By the way check her latest post Lennon and Maisy, these little girls are amazing and my kids loved every minute.

Lastly, you might want to follow her on Pinterest, I think I might have repinned every single one of her selection, need I say more? Go follow her!!!

It has been such a pleasure to meet you Sandrine, thank you for all of your inspiration, we'll be seeing you aorund the web!