I can't believe we are almost in the month of December and I hardly talked about all the amazing things I saw at the gift show back in august! Get ready for lot's of great gift ideas and finds in the next couple of weeks.

I've talked about Jess Brown before, but I just had to let you know that they are a lot more beautiful in person. Can you believe it! The details that go into making these one of kind dolls is remarkable. The quality of the materials, the stiching, the dying, the hand embroidered face, all sublime. I was a fan before and now that I've held one in my hands, I'm obessed!

If the Jess Brown dolls are new to you, I thought you might want to know a few things that make these dolls truly unique. Everydoll is handmade in California by Jess Brown and some local artisan, each one is made from muslin which is hand dyed in persian black tea which gives every doll a unique skin tone. All the clothing is handmade from recycled and antique fabrics. They are stuffed with sustainable corn filling. They stand 22 inches tall, which I surprised to see and quite tall. You can buy the dolls on the webshop and you can even get one custom made.

If you can't afford a doll, you can always get the book "Kiki & Coco" in paris, one of my kids favorites... you can read all about it here!

 I have to say it was nice meeting you, a highlight for me at The NYC gift show!!! And I'm sure this won't be the last time I showcase some Jess Brown dolls, hopefully one of my own next time!