I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! It was expected to rain, but not a drop fell, lucky us!
The kids had so much and had been waiting for this night to come for months. 

I think it was early september when the kids started asking me when Halloween was and that is also when they decided what they wanted to dress-up as. Mister M at first wanted to be Michael Jackson, I told him that it was going to be hard for me to make him that costume and so he went from the King of Pop to the King of Rock. He is a fan of Elvis' songs and makes some great impressions, so it was no surprise. 

Miss E went from wanting to be a small tree, to a duck, then a black swan and finally a pink flamingo. 

I had so much fun making the Elvis outfit! First I googled some images of Elvis' white suit and Mister M picked out the one with the peacock motif. Luckily at my work I have access to an amazing embroidery machine and was able to embroider the front back and side of the suit. I sewed up a red satin scarf and made a "bling-bling" belt with fake colored rhinestones and faceted gold beads. The wig, I bought. It did cross my mind to make some sort of papier mache wig, but I gave up on the idea when I realized how much I had to do. 

My favorite part has to  be the guitar. We have a few guitars at home already, but we needed something lightweight and easy to carry around. So,  I used a bunch of things I had lying around the house. It's a good thing I don't throw anything out!!! We have a neighbor who is a real estate agent and one day he threw out some of his for sale signs, well I grabbed a few knowing it could be useful one day. Guess what, that is what I used for the guitar! The rest is a mix of wrapping paper, hockey tape, embroidery thread, electrical tape and lot's of rubber cement glue.

I was going to make Miss E's flamingo costume from scratch, I had lot's of ideas going on in my head. I was excited to try papier mache to shape the birds head. But then came the H&M All for Children Collection and wouldn't you know it, they had a flamingo costume calling our name... I just couldn't resist buying it and all the other dress-up clothes they were offering. Now there was no convincing Miss E to change her costume, so I hacked the H&M one! I added some feathers to the head and altered the dress, I added some tutus and tule to create the tail. I also sewed up a cape, inspired by the ones floating around the web. I added some more feathers here and there. And of course Mister M had a wig, so she needed one too! 

Someone thought she was a poodle, that O.K! Most thought she was a swan... a pink swan?

I'd like to think she was my Rococo Flamingo. Marie-Antoinette would have been proud!

And here are the pumpkins I carved, with the help of the kids. They each drew what they wanted on theirs... Mister M wanted a happy looking pumpkin, Miss E at first a scary one, but she soon changed her mind and asked me to make one that was singing and with lot's of  polka dots. We surprised Daddy with Spiderman, he's a huge fan. And I made the Killer Pumpkin, the poor little rabbit didn't have a chance!

It was a lot quieter this year in our neighborhood, maybe the supposed rain scared some away! 
There were even less handmade costumes this year, what a pity. 
I wanted to thank my mom who gave out some candy while my husband and I took the kids around the block. Thanks Mamz, you're the best!!! 
The kids had fun sharing this evening with their bestiest friend Samuel. And I think my daughter is a little traumatized by the haunted house and the monster that scared the living daylight out of her (long story), but she's a tough cookie, she told me today she was going to dress-up as lion next year to scare that monster away with a huge "grrrrrrrr"!!! That's my girl.
So guess what she's going as next year?

And I would love to know what your kids wore, leave a comment or a link so we can check it out!