Oh la la Issue 9 of La Petite Magazine is finally out and I'm so proud to be part of it, a very small part but still! I had submitted my Lovely Finds and Petite Style selection so long ago, that I almost forgot what I had chosen. A few months later, I'm still pleased!!! I would love it if you could check it out. My selection was based oin the theme of camping and the great outdoors, here's a sneek peak...

And here are a few photoshoots and things I liked... I have to say I was particulary impressed with the typography, as silly as this may sound, I found it gave the magazine an edge and sometimes the smallest details is want what makes you stand out in the crownd.

Also, I was so impressed to see so many boys in this issue. I think there are more photshoots with boys than girls. I just love that! Boy are usually always the underdogs in fashion publications, oh but not this time...
Let's Rock, photgraphed by Romi Stern was a great example of that and probably my favorite photoshoot.

The other thing I noticed was that almost every photoshoot had kids jumping in them. I always try to catch my kids jumping but my photos never come out as great as all the ones in the magazine. These photos are from the shoot entilted Circus, photographed by Lucila Blumencweig.

I was so excited to see my friend Marie-Laure's bedroom from La Maison de Loulou, she always does such a great job at decorating kids rooms. I'm still waiting for her to come to Montreal and give me some tips for my kids rooms...

Since we are on the topic of kids bedroom, the magazine is filled with great rooms to get inspired by, you have got to check Mae's room by Petit Sweet and I always enjpoy Kristin Groves Quick Tips. I say yes to armoires and yes to pink and orange as a color combination in a kids room.
You might also want to check out the cute DIY bunting by Fawn and Forest too. A nice touch to any room, if you ask me!

Let's see, what else caught my eye? How cute is this little boy? Photgraphed by Plotr Matyka. That is some fancy back to school outfit.

As always, I'm a huge fan of Barb Bruno's collages...

And Rebecca Cohen styling blew me away. She put together some of the sweetest outfits for several different photoshoot. Combined with Karolina Henke photography, these kids were killin it!

There is so much more to discover, like a great book review by Kristin Loffer, I think I might have to get Mister M "This is the way to the Moon".

And I couldn't end this post without mentioning Femke Rejeman and Marieke Franke from WeWantWow. The shots were fresh, the kids too hip and cool, and the styling just like I like it! Seriously, Marieke can do no wrong in my books, you should check out the Wewantwow Tumblr and Pinterest account, it never dissapoint.

So are you excited to La Petite's new issue? Or perhaps you've read it already, did you love it?