I thought I'd share everything I did during the KCWC challenge. I have to say I didn't get any sewing done over the weekend, but all in all I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished, of course I didn't get done half of what I had hoped for. There is always next season!

I'm really proud of all the photos I took as well, it isn't always easy to take good shots when the sun goes down. And what would I do without washi tape? I just love the look it gives when taking product shots. 

This upcycled sweater turned out to be ax hit... My son loves it and wouldn't take it off, that for me is success! I used some thrifted fabric for the front which I layered over a old sweatshirt which I sized down from a size 10 to a size 6. I added some pockets and used some grosgrain for a touch of orange at the the pocket opening.

I used up every bit of this cashmere sweater... I got a tunic, a pair of pants, a bow tie & an bow with an elastic out of it. Awesome!!!

I just love using the hem of a sweater and turning it into some kind of boat neck, that is just what I did for this little tunic. 

I bought the fringe a while ago and wasn't quite sure what to do with it, I just knew I liked it. Then when I thought of using the grey cashmere sweater, I couldn't believe how perfectly they matched. Score! As for the hem, the one thing I hate sewing are rolled hems, so I knew I wanted to use some bias tape and then the light came on in my head and bingo, lace it was! I think it adds a sweet little detail, even if only I can see it!

The sarouel pants are the most comfortable, softest pants on this planet. You have no idea how jealous I am. I only wish I had made the insert a little longer, that's what you get for not using a pattern...

Here you have the 2 minute bow tie! I had enough fabric to make 2 and all it took was 2 seems. I wish I knew how to explain how to make these with words and photos, but I don't. I might have to do a video tutorial!!! 

I really enjoyed making this upcycled shirt... form daddy's shirt to Mister M's fancy shirt. I kept the collar and cuffs intact and simply resized the shirt by shortening the sleeves and taking in the body.

I added some funky elbow patches and a small reminder of the floral pattern on a small pocket I created. 

 Mister M now has a fancy shirt, perfect for all the holidays coming up!


I made these the same way as the sweatpants tutorial I posted last week. The only thing I did
differently, is that I added 5cm to the length of my crotch front and back to give the drop waist effect. If you wanted to make a similar pair, you could always potato stamp pink stars on a basic grey sweatshirt. Just sayin'!!!

Finally, I made Miss E a little peter pan collar dress with front pleats and an exposed zipper on the back. I had bought these fabrics in the summer, the floral to make some bloomers and the polka dot one to make a bathing suit. Oh well that never happened and in the end these two fabrics ended up matching up nicely.  The dress ended up a little big... it will be perfect for this summer!

So I'm already thinking of the next round! Hopefully, I'll be sewing before that, I did start this blog to motivate me!!!!

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