I just L-O-V-E everything about EFVVA. I posted a photo about a month ago of the most adorable shoes made by EFVVA and promised to talk about the brand in the near future, well that time has come!!!

As you might recall, EFVVA is a small company from Poland, where everything is handcrafted from the finest and natural fabrics. Most everything is then handpainted by the creator herself Ewa Wróbel-Hultqvist. Ewa has been able to combine her love for painting, design and children into splendid collections for your little ones. How amazing is it to be able to offer your child a complete unique, one of kind outfit! Every season you will find limited series of clothing, accessories and shoes ranging from 3 months to 6 year old for both boys and girls.

I love Ewa's use of colors, her designs are always full of life, artistic and fun and the shoes always seem to blow me away.

Now for the amazing news, if you are a first time buyer,  EFVVA is having a 50% discount on your 1st order for the whole month of October. So what are you waiting for?