Perhaps you remember a post I did last winter about the time I won an Oeuf giveaway, anyhow on my last trip to NYC I was hoping to make it to Brooklyn and thank the Oeuf crew in person for such a lovely gift, unfortunately in my 2 days there I hardly had time for anything!

Well, today I'm really excited to showcase Oeuf's new collection, Keep It Surreal and surreal it is!
If you don't already know, Halloween is my favorite holiday and playing dressing-up is cool with me any day or time of the week. The new collection is just perfect for that, with the clothing line you can wear to play all day, as for the accessory line your kids will want to wear them out all day to play.

Seriously, what's not to love? Everything is sustainable and handmade from 100% alpaca wool by some lovely woman in Bolivia. The details are exquisite, the design is witty, keep it simple or go completely crazy, there is a little something for everyone, even some mommy/kiddo matching gloves! I don't think there is a piece I don't like... There is so much to explore on the website, the old stuff is great and well, the new is just soooo good!

and if you haven't heard, Oeuf just launched their little blog with fun interviews, movies and cool photoshoots. So be sure to add them to your reading list, I know I will.