There are days I wonder what do I do for the world we live in, what positive impact do I have on it? Before I became a fashion designer I had great hopes of helping people and got a degree in psychology, I thought I could help people change their behaviors to better themselves, but now I blog about pretty things for little kids!
And then an opportunity, like Change 10 Lives in 10 Days comes a long and it reminds of the little things I can do ( and you too!) to help this world we live in! I'm a little late in the game as there are only 2 days left to the challenge, but that doesn't mean I can't help change 2 lives.

Everyday we take the water we have for grated, while millions are in desperate need for clean water, simply to drink or just to wash their hands. Did you know that with only 25$ you can provide clean water to one person for a lifetime?

Would you like to help?
Of course you can make a small or large donation by clicking on the THIS link, every little bit helps.
And you can let everyone one you know about this challenge, share the link on Facebook, Twitter, shout it over roof tops, what ever works best for you...

If you would like to know more about the issue and the organization check out

And maybe this way we can help a few more children, mom & dads of Haiti get some of that fresh clean water we love sooooo much.

Don't forget you have until Saturday :)