Have you heard the news? Caramel baby & child has opened up shop in NYC. How exiting! Caramel has to be one of my favorite British Brands and now it will be available on this side of the atlantic ocean. Yet another reason to visit NYC or if you ask me a great reason to relocate and move the whole family to Brooklyn!!! A girl can dream, right? Seriously, you can be sure I will be paying this shop a little visit on my next trip.

The fall 2012 collection is just lovely. I've put a few of my favorites together... Everything looks particularly comfortable this season and as usual, the colors and prints are so well mixed and matched. I'm not usually a fan of forest green, but somehow it all seems so apealing in these styles and perfectly paired with the mint green...

The boys collection is always a favorite of mine, how cute would Mister M be in any of these outfits? Just enough style without being over top with just the right amount of colors. Oh so perfect!

So if you are in NYC, head over to 1244 Maddison Ave. and tell me all about it, please!