It was Miss E's third birthday.... HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!

This year I was a little busy with work, so I didn't do my usual DIY birthday preparations or gifts, I do feel a little guilty. To top it off I had to go on a business trip the next day, so we had to push the celebrations by a week. Nevertheless, Miss E ended up with 3 cakes and 3 different party "hats" and lot's of gifts, lucky girl!

The day of her birthday we spent it together, one happy family, first for breakfast at our usual spot, The Atwater Market and we ended the day with a cake and small gifts.

One week later, we had a small party with our close family at "our park, as we like t call it. Nothing fancy, just some pizza and some ice cream cake. The kids had so much fun with their big cousins and their littlest cousin too. No I didn't bake the cake, no I didn't make Miss E her party dress and no I didn't make her the flower crown, well I did but it was the one she wore on her 1st b-day! I even forgot the loot-bags... sorry kids! 

I have to say, it was the least stressful birthday party I've hosted in a long time!!!

Look who's happy to be a big girl! And how amazing is that dress... Miss E is one lucky girl, this Isabel Marant dress was handed down from my sweet cousin in Paris. Merci mille fois!

Mister M got a little confused, when we picked up the second birthday cake together, he asked if Miss E was turning 4 now since she turned 3 last week when she blew out her candles! I thought that was so cute.

And finally we celebrated at her daycare, with cupcakes this time around and handmade crown!

So now does that I mean I'm going to have to get 5 cakes for Mister M's B-Day! I think I'll try to go back to my old days and go the DIY route again... Didn't you know I thrive on stress!