I prepared an easy DIY for you which I call my Kawaii T-shirts. With just a few easy steps create some cute t-shirt with some sweet & simple animal faces.

What you will need:

- A T-shirt or Tank top

- Some Fabric Markers ( I used the Sharpie "Stained" Fabric marker)

- Paper

- Computer & Printer (optional!)

How to...

- Step 1: Draw a cute and simple animal face on a sheet of paper. I got my inspiration from googling "cute kawaii animal faces" and searching the image portion of Google.




a few cute faces that I created myself (see image below)... follow the


to get the


files. You will find a


for each face and all you have to do is print it at 100%.

-Step 2: If you are using a white T-shirt, I recommend inserting the printed paper into your t-shirt and centering it. This way you will see your image through the t-shirt. 

-Step 3: Trace your image with your fabric marker. I like to do the contour first and then fill it in. 

Warning*** do not press to hard when drawing with the fabric marker, the ink has a tendency of spreading.

-Step 4: for added color or fun add some rosy cheeks or a bow tie... Your done!

NOTE: if you are using a darker colored t-shirt, just draw straight on your t-shirt and use your printed image for guidance. Don't forget to insert a piece of paper into your t-shirt to prevent the ink seeping through.

Here are some of the faces I've created. You can find the




Please use these for your personal use and not for re-sale, thank you!

Here are a few examples of some tees I've created...

Now if you are doing this in front of your kids, do not be surprised if they try to add their own design elements when you aren't looking!!! Look how Mister M surprised me, he added a pink smiley face to his t-shirt.