So as you maybe already know, I was in New York City last week attending the New York Gift show, which was amazing and I can't wait to tell you all about it. However today I wanted to share with you the one thing that I was most excited about when I found out I was going to NYC and that was attending the exhibit, Century Of The Child, taking place at the MOMA.  On my short 2 day trip, I found a way to make it to the museum and I am sooooo happy I did. 

Call me crazy, but I felt like the exhibit was made just for me! Yup, the curators looked at my blog, my Tumblr and my Pinterest Borads and were like we should really do something Celina will like!!! Seriously, if you are at all interested in design, architecture, history, education or anything with regards to childhood, then you should R E A L L Y check it out. Bring your kids, I think they will love it too! I am so full of inspiration and craving to know and explore some more...

Here is a small round up of what I got to see with my own eyes... From toys to posters, textiles and short animations, from happy to sad this exhibit was packed with emotions. I was facinated by the impact design had on children and vice versa.

I wish I could have touched and played with so many of the items or even have taken photos, but guess what it wasn't permitted!

So instead I spoiled myself and got the book and a postcard with the little japanese girls (up top) for Miss E's room. I really wished I could have gotten my kids all of the above toys which were part of the exhibit  and available for purchase in the MOMA store, but it's not late some things are also available online.

Playsack via X-O In My Room

It was truly inspiring for me, their were so many toys and furniture I thought should be reproduced. One of them is the Playsack by Fredun Shapur. I couldn't believe my eyes when saw and read on X-O In My Room's blog that they had an original Playsack. Oh I am sooooo jealous! Look how cute this little boy is in his fox paper costume. Now you know I'm going to have to try and a version of my own... I'll keep you posted!

Well, if you aren't anywhere near NYC in the next coming months (it runs until november 5th), then I strongly suggest you check out the MOMA website and the section dedicated to the exhibit, it's nicely made with lot's of great images and information. Have fun!!!