This edition of "what's in your closet" is a special one and it's dedicated to the wonderful Maia Larkin.

Honestly, I was little hesitant in writing this post and didn't want to share my FAVORITE little shop, only because I wanted to keep it all to myself. You have probably seen Maia's daughter Q around the web or perhaps on their wonderful blog The Voyagers. Q is simple the cutest and ever so gorgeous, she always seems to be in such good spirits and simply has the best wardrobe- ever! Maia has a resale shop, The Wanderers Closet, where she sells some of her and Q's old clothes and that is where I got Miss E's summer wardrobe.

Miss E now has the most wonderful clothes from the best children's designers. The linen dress is from Suvi Ainoa, it is simple gorgeous, I love the details on the back and I love that Miss E will be able to wear it for the next couple of years. 

This little black dress is from Bo de BO, a french label that makes the best dresses ever and this is another piece we will cherish for years.

This jumpsuit is from Thais et Thibère, I love the sweet floral pattern and especially the colors combinations. It's a little big, but that won't stop us from wearing it... we just added a little elastic belt!

I also got a few pieces from VDJ, a linen blouse and dress, and once again the craftsmanship and quality is remarkable... and we got the cutest Mexican kelly green blouse. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it all...

Now I didn't buy everything, although I could have and you know where I'm shopping in the fall, right?

We even got a few little extras... Maia is also very talented Illustrator and designer, this dress is one of her lovely creations which you can find in her Etsy store, Club Oceanus and we also received some lovely prints from her other etsy store The Voyagers. I'll have photos of those as soon as I get organized and show you Miss E's room. These were all extremely generous gifts and we can't thank you enough Maia and Q!