Kim Baise is an artist, illustrator, maker... I had seen her work around the web, she was feature in the latest Babiekins magazine and I've re-pinned a few of her creations. However, it wasn't until a few weeks ago, when Kim posted a comment on my blog that I really discovered her wonderful world and put everything together!

Kim has a lovely blog with her work and bit's and pieces of her life. She also has a wonderful Etsy shopJikitswith some amazing artwork. She does the cutest mobiles and she even customizes them, these would be great in any room, I wouldn't mind one in our living room! I also love her origami garlands, the cactus are my favorite. There are so many cute details to discover in all of her work, Kim has such a great imagination and creativity and is such a great source of inspiration.
It really is nice to meet you Kim Baise.

Come discover her blog Jikits and her shop Jikits...