... for all the good deals!
Let's be honest here, I blog about all these beautiful kids clothing and accessories and the truth is I can't afford any of it, blogging about them is my way of stratifying my needs! Truthfully, I can't even afford most of it on sale... However, this year my Mom is traveling to Europe and as she always brings back a little something for the kids, she suggested I buy some things online, that I love, and have them shipped at my Aunts who lives in Paris or at the Hotel she'll be staying in Spain. Now who's the luckiest girl in the world? ME.

Here's a look at what I got the kids... it wasn't easy finding things in the right sizes everything is going soooo fast!

Loja Dada, was my first stop... this little online shop from portugal carries the cutest brands such La Queue du Chat, Ada Ada, Kidcases, Mini Rodini, just to name a few and I was able to find some Bobo Choses in the right sizes. What is amazing about this shop is that her shipping rates are great even for International shipping!

Smallable, just on of the coolest kids online shop, they carry ALL the cool brands. I got a Nico Nico tee for Mister M, these organic tees are simply amazing, trust me we own a few and I love them. As for Miss E I got her this CdeC dress, I think this will be what she'll wear for her birthday party. Now you won't find these items because I got the last ones ( at an amazing deal!).

Little Fashion Gallery, is just as cool as Smallable, between the two they carry all the best brands children's wear has to offer. Now watch out LFG has a 70% off section with their last pieces, if you are lucky enough to find the right size you can get some amazing deals. However, watch it is highly addictive, they add new items everyday at 15H Paris time or 9AM Montreal time...

This time around I got some of my favorite summer items: Mister M got a Finger in The Nose Safari shirt, maybe you saw this in my La Petite Magazines selections. I also got Mister M some necklaces, one Wovenplay Wolf and a Tatty Devine Anchor, he always wants to do like his sister and wear a some jewelry and it's really hard to find some good boy accessories!

Miss E got a Soft Gallery body suit, I am so excited I got it a little big so she can wear for an extra long time. I just love this little bow necklace by tatty Devine and how could I go wrong with this Bobo Chose Blouse for only 11 euros, perhaps you remember tis pattern from my Snow White Outfit!

 Milk & Soda is the coolest accessory online shop for kids. It is all the way in Australia, but their shipping rates are great too. What is great about shopping in Australia is that you get to shop for their fall and winter stuff, so the kids won't have to wait too long before they can wear their goodies! I got all this myself, I'll keep it for the kids Birthdays in August and November...

So are you going crazy for the sales like I have? Let me know if you know of any good deals, I think we get an extra pay check this month, right?