A weeks rest does the body good! Although my body is still fighting an allergy attack to who knows what, at first I thought is was the dye in these new towels we got at work, but then I'm thinking it could be mustard which I've eating my whole life... all I know is that I'm still breakin in hives and rashes here and there and the medications is making me soooo droooowsyyyyy.
Well that didn't keep me from doing some easy going stuff with the kids and here are some photos of our long weekend... Happy Belated Canada Day to all my Canadians followers :)

We finally went to the wading pool... 3 days in a row! The kids LOVE it there. We even crashed someones picnic and ate some of their watermelon!!!

The kids got new school bags (which I embroidered at work), to take to daycare. Mister will be going to the "beach"  twice a week, it's a man built lake with a sandy beach right here near downtown  Montreal. And Miss E will be enjoying some water activities at the daycare all summer long.

 So of course they needed some large backpacks to put their towels, bathing suit and new Native shoes, which I HIGHLY recommend...

We went to the Atwater Market, like we do almost every Sunday... we had croissants and coffee, we walked around and looked at all the fruits & veggies, I bought a fashion magazine "Lula", which I loved, we got some sausages for our new BBQ, we threw some rocks in the canal and I made Miss E a crown from some wild flowers. I wish the photos came out better, but I guess that's what you get for forgetting your camera at work and are stuck using your iPhone!

And I just had to share this photo of MissE... she just won't leave the house without a hoodie or her Adidas track jacket. Does anyone else have that problem?  I keep telling her it's hot outside, but she just won't listen.