Have you heard, you can create your own temporary tattoos now? I don't about you, but my kids are obsessed with tattoos and I can just imagine how excited they would be to choose their own design. Oh imagine the ALL the possibilities!!!

What a great idea for loot bags and birthday parties! Or tattoo your phone number when you go on a field trip!

All you need is a little imagination and an inkjet... And the


specialty paper, which you can find on the

Silhouette website

(along with lot's of other cool and amazing craft supplies) or on



Their are lot's of free fonts with symbols and images you can download with cute and simple designs. Have a look


for some ideas.

Now DIY is not your thing? Then you should check out


for all your temporary tattoo needs. They have the greatest and coolest tattoos of all. I ordered these last year for Miss E's party and hey we're a huge hit.

Show me what you come up with, I know I'll be showing you!