Happy Friday y'all!

I'm not quite sure where my week went!!!! It's been pretty busy at work, the kids were a little sick, I've also been doing a little extra graphic design work on the side. Oh, and I printed and sewed up my pj orders, so those will be ready to ship! I have so much I'd love to share and not enough time... I miss working from home, on my own schedule.

Here are a few thing I liked this week form tumblr, Pinterest, Etsy and from here & there...

(photo above via I Art U )

I love everything from this Japanese label Franky Grow...

Love everything in this Etsy shop Misako Mimoko, seriously cute! I think I'll get the orange toy watch for Miss E, the brown for Mister M and the green one for me :)

Vintage lithographed tin cars and cabs toys from Nana's Cottage House. I'd love to get these for Mister M.

What a cute idea... Cover you light switch plaques with fabric? I think I might have to come up with a tutorial for this :)

Found via Interior Decline

Oh Miss E has a thing for horses, I think my kids would love this vintage marionette form the 60's. It would look great in our living room too. Via 100 Cards

How Genetics Work? Photo by René Maltête.

Matching outfits for Mom, Dad & Son... My kind of matching! Via Austin Kleon

How cute is this little girl? I love her style... Photo from Little Warrior found via Tom Boys.

Have a wonderful weekend... Looks like it's going to be a really nice one here!


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