C.F.K. cat shorts & T-shirt + Liberty Bensimon
A couple of weeks ago my aunt, my cousin and his daughter came from Paris for a visit. It was really nice to see them and have the kids get to know one an other. Don't you love it when family visits from out of town? I do! Not just because they come with the best gifts... Here's a look at what Mister M & Miss E will be wearing this summer... Looking good don't you think? Now if only the weather could warm up just a little...
C.F.K. Heart Dress + Liberty Bensimon
Okaïdi Tank Tops & Fish Skirt + Liberty Bensimon
Zara Blazer, Bermuda & linen Shirt + Bensimon
Okaïdi Double Collar Shirt & Bermuda + Bensimon
On adore nos "Belles Simones" et vous nous manquez dejà beaucoup... Merci Tatyvette, Cousin Bernard et Cousine Stef!!!P.S. For all my Montreal readers, did you know there is an Okaïdi store at Carrefour Laval!