Is it Friday yet? Oh me oh my what a week I had! Miss E hasn't been sleeping well and keeping us up for part of the night, I got into a small car accident, I'm officially working full time again although my back isn't 100%... But at least the weather has been good! Needless to say, I've posted very little this week and I'm so sorry. I promise to catch up!

I haven't done one of my mishmash lists in a little while... here are a few things I liked around the web this week.

I'm slightly jealous of her jeans! Love everything about these dolls via Severina Kids.

These magnets are perfect! I think Mister M would love them too. Via Snug

H&M's kids Home selection ( coming out this summer ) is seriously AMAZING... Unfortunately it's not available in Quebec, but I think I might get my aunt in Paris to get this bear bedspread for Mister M, his room needs some serious help! Via

I came across this KicoKids image on Pinterest and just had to know more- I discovered this lovely little shop and ...

....this car. I think I'd get it for me! Floris Hovers at Buisjes & Beugels

I need to crochet this wand for Miss E.... Via Phildar

Do bad these vintage swimming trunks are too small! Via Little Part on Etsy

Love This dress form Etsy seller Harriet's Haberdashery

Now I spend lot's of time on Pinterest, so if you like this selection I think you might like my pins... You are more than welcome to pass by and repin your favorites!

I've also been spending some time on my tumblr Least Little Thing and I really like the way it's looking... Come take look and tumble away!

Have a wonderful weekend! I don't say it enough... But thank you for passing by :)