My children seem to be obsessed with the Eiffel tower! Hummm, I wonder why? Maybe it that trip we took 2 years ago or perhaps it's because so much of our close family lives in Paris or is it telepathy? I certainly wished I lived in Paris!

Miss E would like to climb it and Mister M just loves his "Tourne Eiffel", he has a few already. However, just the other night Miss E refused to take her Eiffel Tower t-shirt off to go to bed, as a plea bargain I promised the kids I would make them an Eiffel Tower pillow/ plush and so I did. I always keep a promise!!!

On Miss E's bed... Minnie dreams of Paris now.
On Mister M's bed, it's Superman who dreams of Paris.

So I can't take my kids to Paris, but I can bring Paris to them...