Check it out Issue 8 of La Petite Magazine is out!!!
After a few months of hard work it's finally online and as usual, it doesn't dissapoint!!! This time around La Petite found inspiration in the shifting sands and rippling designs of the desert...
There are some amazing photo shoots, great tips for decorating you little ones room, some DIY projects, a great selection of new books to get, lot's of fashion and inspiration to pull from.

 I've selected a few of my favorite shots... and you might want to check it out and discover how I contributed this time around (but I'll have more on that later)...

page 118

Now you might already know but I have a thing for animated gifs, so it will come to no surprise that one of my favorite shoots is "What To Do Today?", I really enjoyed the styling, hair make-up and the animations of course!

I think that this is my favorite photo... from "Join The Circus".

Take a look at the black & white photos in this series, and I love that the white shirt is at center stage...

I think Mister M needs some green in his room... love the little details in this one.
Such a simple and cute DIY projects, the kids can even  help and choose what they want to showcase on their wall assemblage... By Summer Roberston of Fawn & Forest.

 LOVE the Mini Olympics photoshoot... high in color and humour.

All about your ABC's... Kristin Theiss always makes the best book suggestions.

We Want Know do it again with a great photoshoot... love the styling and the background collages with the urban landscape.

Honestly, I could keep on going, but I think you should check it out for yourself and see what moves and inspires you... come back and let me know!

Happy Reading!!!