I thought I'd celebrate St-Patrick's day my way! Here are some green things I like...

I can't believe the photo above is of my home town Montreal, it's from Expo 67'. They should really recreate this... Via

This bike is so cool, I love the color and the handmade basket. Check out it out on Elisanna.


So sweet... Do you think that's wallpaper? Via IMGFAVE


Mister M would be so cute in this green vintage Lacoste... Via Etsy

I really mst get Miss E some Saltwater sandals this summer, lime green could be real cool! Via

Do you think I can bring the kids to daycare in this? I sure would love to... Via


Just love the graphics from this vintage copy of The Green Child.. Via Etsy

Have you checked out the Bobo Choses collection yet? It's outstanding, as usual!


Forecast here for the weekend is 20 degrees and sunny, highly unusual for this time of year (it's usually more like -20!) but you won't hear me complaining...

Do you have any special plans? Have a great weekend!!!