Before you put your daughters winter coat away (or yours), check if there is a removable fur collar... then you'll be able to do this really simple idea!

I needed to spruce up Miss E outfit the other day and as a last minute idea (20 min before the event) I came up with this really simple DIY. I had this faux fur collar lying around which I had removed from Miss E's winter coat a while back. As I was trying to figure out how to dress up Miss E's outfit I came across the collar and thought of adding a piece of lace and VOILÀ!

Honestly, I'm embarrassed to call this a DIY... all you need is a removable collar, the kind that attaches with buttons and then pass a piece of ribbon of any kind (satin, lace, shoelace) approximately 110cm trough the loops and your done. Wear this over a dress, a t-shirt, a coat... anything really!