We received a package a few weeks back and I was so excited to share it with my kids. However, it took a little while before we opened the gifts, only because my son is going through a rough patch and I didn't feel like he really deserved anything until this weekend...

So,  I entered a giveaway on Dotcoms for Moms, thanks to Rachel,  and won not 1 but 3 amazing knitted goodies from Oeuf. I've talked about Oeuf a while back on the blog, I've been a long time fan and now that I've seen and felt the goods, I'm an even bigger fan!

The gifts were beautifully wrapped by Sophie, creator of Oeuf, and her kids; Mister M had the great idea of making the bunting decorations into some necklaces and Miss E has kept her bag and I won't dare recycle it just yet! The kids were really excited and really loved their gifts. Mister M thought the snake was a scarf, why not? Miss E wears her tooth as a bracelet and well the crown is just magical... You wouldn't believe how soft the wool is and well executed these goodies are. Precious!

I blog about the things I love and sometimes or might I say most of time I can't afford to buy all the lovely things I dream about, I cannot tell you how happy and lucky I am to have won this giveaway. I don't think my children are big enough to fully appreciate what was given to them, but I do. 

I cannot thank you enough Sophie, and her kids, for this extremely generous gift and lovely note.
Thank you Dotcoms for Moms and Rachel for hosting such a great giveaway.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts...