I feel like it's that time of the year where your tired of seeing your kids wear the same old thing, but it's not quite nice enough to take out the summer stuff! So why not update your wardrobe with just a few simple steps... Todays tutorial takes 4 easy steps, will turn your basic leggings into funky lightning ones.

What you will need: 

- leggings old or new or whatever pants you have lying around.

- chalk or a white pencil

- masking tape

- fabric paint... I used gold

- paint brush or some stenciling sponges

- iron

Here are the easy steps to update your little ones wardrobe...

1. Trace your lightning pattern straight onto your leggings with some chalk or a white pencil. It doesn't have to be perfect, this is just a guide.

2. Place your masking tape onto your leggings, for straighter lines try using long strips of tape. Follow your lightning pattern from step1. I used wide masking tape, which helped me paint inside the lines without being too careful!

3. Paint the inside of your lightning bolts with fabric paint. I like to use little sponges used for stencilling, but a paint brush will do just fine. 

4. Let dry completely and then remove the masking tape.

5. Iron. Follow the instructions for the type of paint you are using. DO NOT FORGET this step or else your paint will wash away ;)

6. Enjoy!!!

Miss E is wearing her heart breaker outfit today! I think we might have to wear this again for Valentines day...

P.S. the heart tunic was made by me, let me know if you would like an easy tutorial for that one too...