I finally got to take a closer look at La Petite Magazine Issue 7 and I thought it was AMAZING! 
I gave you a snap shot in my previous post, but today I wanted to share some of my favorite moments... 

Did you get a chance to look through it yet ?

I loved all the vintage surf inspired imageries... 

Yes to Pink & aqua on the whole family this summer!

You must check out Barb Bruno's collages... too cute!

Yes to body paint on your kids at the beach! 

Seriously, I L-O-V-E-D this photo-shoot... 
from the styling, to the hair and make-up, to the models and colors choices, 
just perfect!

This photo...

- first because I love the subject matter, the mood and the tint.

-second, my kids were doing this all weekend... 
my living room was turned upside down into the beach, the pillows was their ocean. 
Were do these kids get these ideas from?

Did you notice the photo of the little girl and the flower grown in my previous post

Monika Elena, you blow me away! 

I wish I could afford to fly you in and have you take photos of my kids... 
Your photographs inspire me greatly. 

I loved all the great tips and ideas from so many awesome kids rooms...
Now I must get my act together and start working on Miss E's room.

 Can I just say how proud I am to have had the opportunity to work on this issue. 

I would like to thank Rachelle for letting me help out here and there 
and specially for trusting me with the Lovely Finds and Petite Style section. 

I had so much fun researching and coming up with all the products, 
which where then put together by Elly Mackay.

There is so much more to discover, 
cute DIY projects, fashion inspiration, some great books for your kids...

I would love it if you could check it out... Happy reading!