Coucou for triangles!
Seriously I've gone mad... perhaps it's the medication I'm on or perhaps it's just the new big trend, all I know is that I'm seeing triangles everywhere and I'm LOVING it! If you'd like to see more of my triangle obsession, then I strongly suggest you check out my post on LA PETITE... or perhaps my newest Pinterest board entitled "Geo".

And if you would like to be an artist like me, hehe, and would like to turn all of your favorite photos into triangles then might i suggest you check out the Application called POLY. So easy to use even a child  could figure it out. I found this via Behance. Watch out, it's highly addictive!

How about making your own "triangle" hair pins... You know I'm trying this over the weekend right?
Via Petit Polou on Pinterest
You might also want to check out Petit Polou's blog... she's got me hooked!

Now onto some more serious affairs! I'm going to try and spread some more sunshine today, here are some links to some fantastic blogs and boutiques!

childrens book by anne-sophie rosenvinge skov

Here is yet an other amazing blog you might want to check out... Cirkus with more lovely finds and inspiration...

How about a cute bag all the way from South Africa... this Etsy shop has got me dreaming of a Safari voyage with the kids, in the mean time I could buy a donkey! Kiddies Over The Moon has got my vote for the Etsy store of the week!

If you love textiles, this blog is for you... World Of Textiles. It is full of amazing designs, from jewelry to furniture, a beautifully curated gallery of things I couldn't even dream of!

I think that should keep you busy for the weekend!

I realized I had said I would blog a little more now that I was on bed rest and perhaps you noticed that nothing really has changed around here, but let me tell you, I've been working real hard... You'll just have to see next week! I have some exciting news to share ;)