Today is the beginning of a 15 day celebration and it's the start of the DRAGON year. I'm totally excited because I happen to be a dragon! And hopefully this will be a good year...

Here's my way of celebrating: I've gathered some of my favorite dragon related items...


1. These dragon handmade mittens are too cute, they come in yellow too! Discover

Mariko Mikuni

's world of knitting on her


. 2. I have been eyeing these converse add on wings for a while now, you might remember them from this post! Now you can get the dragon wings over at


3. I love all of

Nathalie Verlinden'

s shoes, they are so wonderfully crafted and these are so darn cute. Get your dragon shoes at


. 4. Here's a cute all over dragon printed skirt from

Mind Your Marlo's

. 5. I just love the graphics and colors on this t-shirt. Find it over at


. 6. These

Dragon Adidas

sneakers are some of my favorite for the kids, both Mister M and Miss E have a pair or two...


1. I've always loved the idea of having a Chinese umbrella in a litte girls room, this


has some amazing colors to it.

 2. This pink and red dragon would make quite a statement in any room, buy this wall sticker on


. 3. How about a dragon in your eco-friendly plate? Courtesy of

Smiling Planet

.  4. I think Mister M would love these fun wall decals. I love the knight trying to save his princess from the dragon! These are available at  

Cool Wall Art

. 5. I just think this pillow is cute, you should see his little face! Over at


6. This hand made, embroidered


is just precious...


1. Have your kids draw with these Eco- friendly soy dragon crayons from

Earth Grown Crayons

. 2. I'm a huge fan of these Lucha Libre masks, how great is this black dragon for kids? From

Mr Mask Man

for only 6$ !!!! 3. Here's another dragon tail great for dress up! Via

World of Whimm

. 4. I'm coucou for designer vinyl toys! Just love these from Artist Amanda Visell over at  

My Switcheroo

. 5. This Dragon puff is too cute and comes in any color you desire. From Etsy store

Rare Spawn Studios

. 6. And to complete your dragon costume, you got to have some neon green dragon wings... Find them over at



 1. This tutorial to make your own dragon tails, looks like fun! Via

Tatertots & Jello

. 2. Follow a few simple steps to make your own dragon puppet via

Family Fun.

3. An easy chinese New Year craft project: the DIY dragon mask, via

Ziggity Zoom

. 4. This dragon costume looks great, it's for a Halloween costume, but who cares? Via

Family Fun

. 5. Knit our own dragon with these instructions from

The Examiner

. 6. I think I like this little dragon because he's wearing a sweater! Buy your pattern at 

My Three Blind Mice

. 7. Have you ever seen a cuter amigurami Miss dragon, follow the tutorial to make your own over at



The first image up top is a limited edition

Stream Dragon Tin Toy

. How cool is that? Check out their


for all the details and the steep price!