I just love discovering new artists, specially illustrators and painters, perhaps because it's te art form I have the hardest time with myself. I have no imagination nor skills in that departement, illustration is the subject matter I had to work the hardest at in fashion design school! 

I have to say I should take more time to check out the sources of what I like on Pinterest. That is just what I did this time and discovered that one of my favorite "pinners" Ashley Goldberg was behind the creative duo Ashley G and Drew.  I am just loving their illustrations, I like the simplicity, the style and the colors... Oh! and the expression on those little faces. PERFECT!

Miss E's room is going to need some re-decorating soon and I would just love to add any one of these prints to one of her walls. Also, If I had a studio/ workshop space, the first print up top would hang there for sure... I can't wait to teach Miss E to knit! SWEET.

There were so many great illustrations to choose from, so to see more of Ashley G and Drew's work check out their  website, or perhaps to buy some prints, orginal artwork, postcards, +++ check out their Etsy shop