It's a sunny day here in Montreal, so do you know what that means? It's freezing outside: the sunnier it is, the colder it is!!! So I thought I'd brighten up my day with some colorful vintage finds for the kids...

The slippers up top are from a brand new little shop called Rufus & Rose, you might want to add this shop to your favorites and check it out often for some great little finds, I already did!

1. Kyssa's color block Tee-shirt is as fashionable as it gets...
2. Rufus & Rose adorable blue, red and blue satchel, perfect for carrying around your favorite books.
3. Sparvintheieletree's skirt is to dye for. The southwestern navajo in rainbow print is as trendy as it gets... I'm seriously thinking of buying this little number!
4. Dolka's colorful dress is just amazing, I love the patchwork effect.
5. Flower City Threads' Minnetonka vintage moccasins are simply gorgeous.
6. Squirrel Plus Bear's knitted vest is perfect for layering on those chilly summer nights.
7. Dolka's colorful and striped overalls would definitely make a statement. You'll never loose sight of you kid...
8. Eadies Elephants' A-line dress is so cute, the sailor print is adorable.
9. One Sweet Dream Vintage's knitted sailor suit is adorable, I just love the color combinations.
10. Sparvintheieletree's white moccasin are just adorable. LOVE.
11. Oscar & Theo's plaid blazer would be a perfect fit with a white tee and some skninny jeans.
12. Bless That Dress' color block bathing suit is awesome. No worries it's from deadstock, so it's like new! They have a blue one too.
13. Sweet Top Vintage classic polo shirt is perfect for any occasion.