KIDSONROOF is a Dutch company that creates sustainable, playfully and aesthetically pleasing toys for kids. I first saw their Mobile doll house in Milk Magazine years ago, and have been a fan since. 

However, it wasn't until this weekend that I realized you could buy KIDSONROOF right here in Montreal! My mom kept the kids on Saturday, so my hubby and I had a full day to ourselves, that was our New Years Eve celebration. So, we headed downtown to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts book, Daddy Cool had to exchange his christmakah gift, an art book he already had ( Oup's!), so I had a look arround the shop... 

They had a few of the KIDSONROOF product, such as the Mobile Home (nature house with 8 rooms, an attic and spy holes), the Totem Pop out book ( pop out the cardboard pieces and make all the animals along with the sceneries), and they also had the the Cocorico Cooker ( a cardboard cooker ). 

Why didn't I realize this before... Museum Book Store are great places to shop for gifts!

A little too late... Too bad my kids were spoiled over the holidays and there aren't any birthdays untill August... I can think of a few toys I would have gladly exchanged for some KIDSONROOFBut I might just be tempted to get something anyways since the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts book store is having a 20% off sale untill January 15th and keep the toys untill my kids behave exceptionally good and surprise them! 

The Museum Book Store had lot's of other cool items, such as amazing pop up books, stuffed animals, DIY kits and the Miller Goodman shape maker & play shapes... I really wish I could afford those toys, they are part of my dream toys wishlists!!! That's for another post...